Styling An Awkward Spring Trend

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Following up with my post 'Let's Talk Trends' that was published a while back. I'm here to show you how to style the awkwardest Spring trend ever.

But first, I need YOU to spot Tatiana from The Arty Culture in my picture. 
Some trends are worth following, some can get you very hesitant. And here's one that's definitely not appreciated by everyone. 
Me included at first.

It's the SLIPPERS trend. 

I know my blog is all about mixing comfort and fashion and that I never 'try too hard' or dress up in a very unusual way. I'm a very simple person when it comes to clothing. And comfort is definitely my #1 priority. 

But this is kicking it up to a whole new level. 
After the pyjama trend that went on all through winter (which I did not abide by AT ALL), slippers are the next thing to look out for.

I do think I WOULD wear slippers. Just like in this picture. They do look acceptable for a day out. They also look very classy, and not just about the comfort. 

I guess you can create a good design out of a slipper and turn into a fashion statement.

Let me tell you about my whole experience.
When I put them on at first, I felt SO awkward. I had a feeling I was very inappropriate, I felt naked and honestly, very out of place. My clothes were fine but my feet were telling me to go back in, and by 'in', I mean a HOME, any home.

I felt like these slippers belong to a household. To a place where you just need something to get out of bed, quick and easy. 

But as I forced myself to walk around the streets of Achrafieh wearing them, I found comfort and simplicity in the best of ways. I won't try to argument the whole 'comfortable' feature. They're slippers for God's sake. 
But I will say that your feeling after some time wearing them will be fine. I personally did not mind it at all, although I felt like I was about to clean up the bathroom at first. 

But eventually, that feeling drew off and allowed a feeling of ease and fluidity kick in.

I guess the secret to styling slippers this spring is - not to put the whole attention on them. Wear something very eye-catchy, to show that they're not the center of attention. Have a colored lipstick, or in my case, major glasses. But don't let them steal the show. 

Slippers are meant to look effortless, so that's the way you want to go. 
I wouldn't advise a Cinderella dress with those slippers. NONONO.

Until next time my lil' teacups!
Hope you liked this post, give me all your feedback!
Are you team slippers or not?

Shoutout to Pink Aubergine for the outfit! More on my Instagram!

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