Your Guide To Spring Dressing

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With spring right around the corner and the bipolar weather making it 10 times harder to figure out what to wear, I got just the right tips for you.

Here's how Spring fashion works.
It's my favorite time of the year, so you can crown me Spring Queen at any point now.
And here's how to own your everyday runway.

Follow these easy tips.

1. Become Spring.

What? You think I'm joking? Not at all. Spring is the renewal of all that's pretty - the flowers, the sun, the weather. It's the season of positive vibes. 
And that's what you need to do. 
Before working on your outfit, work on your state of mind. And believe my words when I say, it does matter.
Spring is the time for rejuvenation & rebirth. 

2. Flower Power.

You might not be a girly girl, but there are so many ways to incorporate flowers onto your look. Hmmm... sounds like a cool blog post I could write. 
For example, in this shoot, I wore this gorgeous denim vest with an amazing work of art for design. Painted jackets are very in. 

3. Layers.

I don't know why, all of the sudden, when Spring comes, layers are just omitted from our process of putting together clothes. Layers are still the secret to a stylish outfit, but the difference is, the new layers are VERY different.
Different how? you ask.
First, they are thinner. No one wants to be wearing a coat, a sweater and a shirt at any given time of Spring. 
Second, loose on loose works. In winter, you don't want to be wearing large pants, with a large sweater and a coat. Imagine it. You'd look like a hibernating potato.
In spring, you can definitely rock these large pants, this over-sized denim jacket and this loose top.
Third, layers are way more refreshing in spring. It looks much more effortless in spring, when you wear very light items but topped on one another. 

4. Color Palette.

I know, I know. Most of us are addicted to black. I know, we can't let it go. But look, I really didn't let it go in this shoot. But I did do one thing and it's inserting COLORS.
I'm not saying go all wild with colors and have a humongous disaster of an outfit, I'm saying, it's the time to have some fun with your outfit. 
So switch up your color palette. 

5. Accessorize.

I will tell you one of the biggest secret of the fashion industry. *According to moi!*
They are the secret to a polished look, to a very fun, yet sophisticated look. They give the feel of a very light and easy person, yet this person is so exclusive.
I swear. I can write a whole post about that topic too. 
And maybe I will...
But in the mean time, take my words for it.

There you have it.
Your guide to Spring Dressing. 

Cheers teacups!
- Tee.

Shoutout to Pink Aubergine for the outfit. 
More details on Instagram!

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