Midnight Skincare Routine

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Hey lovelies!

I have loads to tell you, and everything will be coming up soon in the next few weeks!
Until then, I wanted to share with you my night routine to take care of my skin and all the steps I take to ensure my skin is clean, relaxed, and prepared for the next day.

Step 1 - Cleansing!

I have my favorites here and there, but I will just let you in on my CURRENT skincare situation. I will update you every now and then whenever I find better products, or if not 'better', maybe different products, cheaper but as good, etc.

First, my make-up removal with Nivea. 
I use two products respectively the 'Double Effect Eye Make-Up Remover' for the eyes, and the 'Sensitive Caring Micellar Water' for the face (it can also be used for the eyes,but I feel like the double effect is stronger for that area). 

What I love about each is:

- The Double Effect is amazing for mascara removal. I'm a big fan of mascara and since I have good lashes, I might even overuse mascara for a more cat-like look. And this little remover is heaven for all those who need to protect their eyelashes from their own sins. 

- The Micellar Water is amazing for those of you who contour non-stop and add up a few powder layers through the day. #guilty 
I personally don't use foundation, so I can't really guarantee the liquid textures removal.
I'm a powder girl in all my products, I need that lightness all the time. This remover is heaven for removing that. I even use a fixation and this product does the job to cleanse through it.

Second, my little miracle of a cleanser.

Shiseido is a brand I admire. I have used it for a LONG time. It's very beneficial for both treatment and aesthetics. 
By that I mean, it touches both sides the pharmaceutical side (which is for treating) and the beauty side (which is for hiding). 

And what I love about Shiseido products is that they each cover more than one function. 
First, let me start off with this part of my skin treatment.

The 'Gentle Cleanser' by Shiseido Ibuki is THE SHIT. So you finished removing your make-up and getting ready to wash your face. 

This cleanser will do the following (and that is guaranteed by me):

- remove the rest of the make-up, down to every last bit
- purify your skin
- improves skin texture (I use it in the morning as well (my morning routine will be also posted soon))

I can't stress on how much I'm a fan of this product. It's the holy grail of cleansers. 

Step 2 - Moisturizing!

The importance of moisturizing keeps on growing, specially with weather changes, and seasons crossing. The amount of times I hear 'I should moisturize' per day is insane. I think it's the ultimate secret to a happy skin, and even happy hair. Happy everything basically. 

And besides stressing on drinking water, some products can also help you reach this level of skin balance. 

So here are two moisturizers I've been using and over-using. 

First one is a latest find, and I believe it's also a newly launched product as a whole. But it works! 

What I'm talking about is the 'Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Mattifying Liquid'. It's for combination skins, which is my kind of skin. That's the only type I can help you with honestly, I'm not a skin expert. I'm just talking about experience.

What I love about this product is that it does not leave your skin oily. We have to blame some moisturizing creams of doing that. 
You are able to apply this cream all over your face, and neck as well. 
Your skin takes a balanced shine and is refreshed instantly. 

Second product is one I've been using for a long time. I can guarantee the long run results obviously. Take it from a moisturizing freak, this is definitely the moisturizer you want for quick changes and long lasting changes. 

It's the 'Shiseido Refining Moisturizer'. As soon as you apply it to your cheeks, you can notice the difference and your skin thanking you in a matter of days. 

The only downside to that, is that I personally don't use it on my forehead. 

I strictly stay out of the forehead area, or else the oily feel is there.
With that being said, it's still my all-time favorite moisturizer. 

That leads us to...

Step 3 - Overnight Treatment!

I personally don't have the best nor the worst skin. I like my skin texture and enjoy my little imperfections. The only thing I struggle with is - my dark circles.

I can sleep for 25 days and still waking up having major dark circles, only because it's a genetic feature in our family. But there always is a way to minimize the damage. Don't you agree? 

And when it comes to it, I found my little best friend for treating them the right way. 
The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye Treatment is what I'm talking about.

Honestly, I haven't been using it for such a long time, so I can't talk about long term effects. What I can however tell you, is that, the results are OBVIOUS. 

I would grade it 8 over 10. It's the simplest way to get rid of this tired face aspect. 
And the cream is soft. The application is easy. Definitely recommended. 

And that's about it!
Now, one last thing I do, is ensure a good night of sleep and drink a cup of water 15 minutes prior to sleeping. 

Hope this has helped you out in any way. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me, I'm all ears and will do my best to answer you! 

Cheers loves! 

PS. You can find most these products on feel22.com for the best prices and use my code THEAFEEL22 for a 10% discount! ;)
I got youuu!

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