Losing Sight Of What It's All About

8:51:00 AM

My little humans, oh how I've missed blogging. 

I have fallen into the category of 'bloggers' that only have a blog and don't maintain it, unfortunately.

When I first started this little website of mine, I had in mind to inspire, to create, to innovate and to lead. However, I got caught up in the image of it, rather than the content. 

Falling into this category is something I'm very shameful of. Believe me, it's very hard for me to feel ashamed. Specially since I'm the kind of person that does NOT follow rules, that is awkward, crazy and maybe a bit too much out of line. 

I have felt SHAME nonetheless. As I was talking to my best friend last night, I had just concluded how I'm slowly drifting away from my goals and my aim, and drifting into the sad narcissism of social media.

Anyone can come up right now, and say 'but you are a narcissist'.
I would not argue with you on that, I am.

But not in the 'look at what I'm doing', 'look at what happened to me', 'look at me', kind of way. I love myself. Don't get me wrong. And if you haven't learned that by now, it's probably the first blog post you read of mine. Because, mind me, I state my love for me in EVERY blog post.

Man, I'm boring.

Why are you reading again?

Oh, right. 

As I was realizing my lost of focus, I also realized, I'm two days away from my blog's 4th birthday and I'm VERY disappointed. 
My blog is turning 4, but as a mother, I did not nurture him/her (still haven't decided on that) enough.
I did not make my blog ready for being 4.

And I'm changing this, right here, right now.
I'm a BLOGGER before being an Instagrammer/Snapchatter... I'm a blogger, and it's my duty to keep on creating content, inspiring, giving opinions, ideas and tips. 

And for that to happen, I need full focus.

Unfortunately, let's agree that my fashion section will almost be left behind. It will only be included on my Instagram. 
My beauty section will be in-between Snapchat stories/Instagram stories. 
And this blog, right here, will cover everything lifestyle/ real talk/ relationships/ modern issues...

Because honestly, people change, and I'm trying to follow this new direction. 
It will be more of a 'Lebanese 20 year-old Life'. I will be writing about taboo subjects, I will be writing about life tips, I will be writing about stereotypes and hopefully, I can go back to inspiring you. 

With that being said, if you have ANY subject in mind, please let me know. I would love to advise you about it.

Leaving you on a high note, 
Have a wonderful week, and I will get back to you ASAP. 

Love, love, love
- Tee

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