The Way To Spend Less On Your Summer Events

3:04:00 PM

Fact - It's much more expensive to be a woman, than to be a man.

We all know the drill before any wedding. The guy takes 5 minutes to put on his suit, but the girl needs to start prepping in the early morning.
But before we get to the actual big day - the hassle of finding the right dress to wear is definitely something we bear on our shoulders as if we were the ones getting married.

And Lebanese traditions are certainly not the ones to be helping us get through that. With every wedding bigger & better than the previous one, we feel as if it's our duty to reciprocate. 

So here's how I decided to shop for this stunning dress. 
Isn't it gorgeous? It definitely felt like I was wearing a million dollar on my body.
But, rest assured, I spent WAY LESS than that amount.

The cool thing taking over this summer is RENTAL.
Do we really need to BUY a dress for abnormal prices to wear it once and watch it slowly disintegrate in our closets?
I don't think so.

This quality product, was provided to me, from Rent To Impress 
They offer a very wide variety of dresses, from the simplest to the most complex, from short to long... 
And the thing is, you get the best of BOTH worlds.

If you own dresses, you can also put them to use in the rental process and always be earning a specified percentage.
How's that for a deal?

I feel like I'm advertising on Lebanese billboards.
No, but seriously, I think I made the right choice by picking the rental option. 
I was such a satisfied customer. I got my dress, I got my pictures & I did not have to hurt my wallet that much. 

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