#TravelTeacup - The Tannourine Adventure

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I vow to explore more of my beautiful country this summer since I am NOT traveling until September. 
My summer is going to be fully spent HERE. I don't know if I feel completely happy about this, but I will definitely try to make the best out of it, and will give you my feedback by the end of summer.

This exact adventure started out as a pure foodie thing where it was my sister, my best friend and I going up to Tannourine to have Souk El Akel. (which is a Lebanese food festival that groups different food stands and moves around Lebanon all year long)

So we went, the three of us, on this gorgeous journey. 
As we arrived there, we realized how further it was getting and how unpractical we were.
We basically did NOT know it was going to take us an hour from Tannourine, nor did we know we had the option to drive on an off-road to reach it.

Long story short, the Mazda we were driving definitely did not help in getting there and we did not want to spend another hour on the road before having our stomach filled.

We decided to go have lunch on the passing river in Tannourine. Which was great! We had the typical Lebanese mezza sent to our table, had our fun, laughed a bunch, and were ready to leave in no time.

We had some complications when my little bestie decided to over-eat and feel sick afterwards. #FoodLoverProblems

But, long story short, Tannourine is a gorgeous place to visit. The view definitely takes your breath away, and your peace of mind is guaranteed for the days to come. 

Here are the 3 Things To Do while in Tannourine:

#1 - Have Lunch On The River

#2 - Hike on a walking trail in Arz Tannourine

#3 - See Douma (which is basically in the Batroun district, but it's gorgeous, you can't miss this chance)

Visit this beautiful country, before complaining that you want to see the world.

- Tee.

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