Unprofessional Brands & Teacup Being Teacup - A Story & A Lesson

9:14:00 AM

I don't like ranting. 
I like making fun of things, being sarcastic, being inappropriate. 
I like being me. 

And honestly, that's how I've been my whole life. I'm someone that takes life lightly. 

I hate being serious, and good God, I don't even know how. 

But today, I'm ranting. 
I've had it up to here *hand over my head* with unprofessional people. 

I would like to point out, that I did not write this post AS SOON AS the incident that happened, happened. But rather, waited for myself to cool down, to think about, and yet, writing now makes me feel as angry as I did before.

This is a message to brands/ to bloggers/ to followers/ to friends/ to family/ to the whole wide world. 

If you don't like the way I work a.k.a, sarcasm, lame/dirty jokes, honesty, randomness and FUN, don't involve me in anything. As simple as that.

If you don't understand my way of being, I'm not trying to implement it on you, I'm being myself, some people like it, some people don't, and it's fiiiiiine. 

Story Time!

A brand decided to send me goodies. Very thankful for that, of course. Makes my day to receive surprises. 

As the nice blogger I am, I decided to thank the brand by shooting its products for a full day and then working on the pictures/videos, and then posting them and giving credits to the brand all the while.

And not for one second, did I expect even a 'thank you' from them.

What I do get, nonetheless, is pure frustration. 

Apparently they called to 'clarify' that their brand is a SERIOUS one and that it should not be taken lightly because it's approved by doctors.

Thankfully, the brand contacted the person I was working with, & not me, because I would NEVER EVER put my credibility in danger and DELETE what I had worked on for oh so many hours. 

I would've given them a piece of my mind. 

After knowing how furious I got, they tried clarifying even more by explaining it to me. Because you know, I'm dumb. I don't get it from the first time. 

And again, not once did I hear a 'thank you' or, at this point, a 'sorry'.
As the courteous person I am, I informed them that I will be explaining this publicly, not to put them down, (Notice, I didn't say which brand.) but to make a point for future collaborators. 

And honestly, all I want to 'clarify' is.

I 'THINK' before doing anything when it comes to work & when it involves other people. 
So, please do the same & next time you want to send me a gift, 'think' of the people you're sending it to. 

I will always stay true to myself & if you don't like the way I promote your product, don't send it to me. I would much rather be happy & zen doing nothing than getting this headache and ending up getting attacked for what I do.

Some days I might just snap a quick picture and say thank you, and some other days I'll add in a few inappropriate thoughts/jokes.

This is me, deal with it.

Since I have you hooked. Whoever you are. 

Please put yourself first because no one else will. & if you don't stay true to yourself, you'll slowly lose sight of what you are and will directly cripple into someone else's persona. 

Be yourself. Love yourself. & I love you.



p.s: I used this sad picture because ya haram* (*poor me), I'm a victim. You feel me? ;)

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