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And every time I walk through the door of the new Doers club event, the warmest of feelings fill me up. It's not an exaggeration to say it was my favorite gathering all through the summer. Mondays got a whole lot better to be honest. 

It's not any news to be sharing my undying love for whisky. 

They say the smell is the most accurate of all senses. And I have to agree on it. Something about Dewar's is so familiar, so safe to me, that the first time I had tasted it, it felt like I've been drinking it my whole life.

When I walk into my house after a long day of work, of studying and of running around and I see that some traditions don't die, it makes me feel even more comfortable to be back home.

Seeing your parents seated on their couch, watching TV and sipping on their Dewar's is just the sight I deal with every night.

I was only a child when I used to kiss my parents goodnight to go sleep once my 8:00pm curfew had hit (which I'm currently applying again). And I was about 16 when I started drinking whisky on a regular basis. Yet, the smell never died in my memory. 

When I started drinking whisky, on a regular basis, which was around 3 to 4 years ago, I was completely blocking Dewar's out. The reason for that, is our need of detachment of our parents. When you grow up in a very secure family, you tend to want to do things your way. For a long while, my scotch of choice was not Dewar's. 

But, it happened to be, that our genes, as a family, were altered in a way for me to enjoy Dewar's more than I probably should. 
For the longest while, I used to assimilate Dewar's to my parents. It was systematical in my brain. But after this summer and a lot, lot, lot of drinks, I can finally say, I'm a Dewar's drinker. 

And it's insane how much you learn about a brand once you start consuming it. Might be my marketing class controlling my brain as I'm writing now, but you realize which brand really represents you once you are willing to be loyal to it. 

Dewar's. Dewar's. Doers. Doers. 
Not only was the event made to gather a bunch of people, feed them good food and good drinks, but it was also there to celebrate the Doers of the world. 
Based on finding hidden local talents, the Doers Club events were gathering REAL people, behind REAL passions. 
This genuineness and authenticity was so fulfilling and inspiring.

I'm sad to see you go my little Doers club, but I'm excited to see what's next.

Thought I would share with you, one of the things that keep me motivated: motivated people that are making it work for themselves.

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