FFWDDXB - Fashion Forward Dubai Short Story

12:49:00 PM

In the aim of discovering the world, one fashionable step at a time, I have learned that amazing chances come to you, if you dare to put yourself out there. 

After following my guts and applying to get passes for FFWDDXB, I waited patiently refreshing my email every now and then to see whether or not I've received a confirmation on my request. 

From fashion talks to exhibitions, from workshops to installations, I had gathered enough information to throw myself in the Dubai Design District and make myself at home. 
And oh, did I do it. 

The experience is one of a kind. I've always loved these kind of events, where people gather to share their experience, to teach, to showcase their talents, and where everybody is just happy to be there, happy to feel the inspiration and most of all, happy.

Fashionable outfits running around the streets, people struggling to squeeze in all events happening at once, everything was just a gorgeous chaos. And by chaos, I mean, a lot of things were going on at the same time, yet everything was so clear, so safe, so well organized.

From taking pictures to taking notes, I quickly switched to my learning mode when attending the 'How Influencers Are Changing The Fashion Landscape' where Lana El Sahely (a woman I admire) & Ahmad Daabas (One of my favorite men fashion influencer) were explaining their points of view about the issue. 

And it's always such an inspiration to hear people sharing about their knowledge to try and make other benefit from it. All I can say is, it was definitely beneficial for me. 

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