How To Step Back - FOMO Riddance

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This fast pace world definitely lures you in at times. With trends changing from one minute to another, information being spread in such a speed,and the constant movement of people, it's hard to keep track with everything. 

And in the blink of an eye, you can miss out on a WHOLE LOT. It's like everything is happening now. And now. And now, while you're reading this article. But how important is it to keep up with everything? 

I used to have major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and legit get bothered and even sad at the thought of skipping something, not getting invited to something, having to choose between two things. And honestly, as far as I remember, I use to struggle to keep up with everything because there was so much happening. And by struggle, I mean, STRUGGLE. 

I lost my sleeping schedule because of FOMO, I lost my attention span as well. I can only focus on something just... what was I saying?

Anyways, you get my point. 

But lately, I've been practicing this whole new thing.
Something called, stepping back. 
What is life if it's not enjoyable? If it's not passionate? If it's not real? You can easily get caught up in the appearance of things, and forget what truly matters. 

And what truly matters changes from one person to another. Some people have money on their mind, some have family, some have specific goals...

Personally, I believe I'm a very goal-oriented person. On a weekly basis, I sit down, have my coffee, while looking over at what I've achieved the previous week, and what I want to achieve during the upcoming one. 

But before I was able to do that, I use to sit down, have my coffee, while looking over and the previous week's mistakes, and the upcoming week's meetings and events. 

It sure as hell doesn't look like a major change, but it's exactly the typical example of cup half empty cup half full. 

It's about how you perceive things. Where are you? Where's your goal? What's keeping you? What's helping you?

I believe I'm way more relaxed and loving now. Although I'm getting closer to what I want, and it's getting more hectic and more tiring, I don't think I've ever been this stress-free. It's all about perspective.

So if you feel like that at times, like your world is controlling you rather than you controlling it. STOP. Take your day off. Sit yourself down, grab coffee (or a good scotch), and write down everything, the good and the bad, the mistakes and the goals, the meetings and the purpose, think of your own bigger picture, in small steps.

Small changes. That's it. 

- Tee

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