3 Secrets to Nail Goals

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A few weeks ago, I asked you whether or not you were struggling with nail strength as much as I was. I was surprised to see how many were on the same side as me when it comes to nails. 

I've spent most of my time envying girls with long and strong nails that I never took a step back to see how many were actually like me. 

And all your troubles can now be gone.
For I have found the way to be done

With bad nails and treatment headaches
And no beautiful nail again breaks (HUH?)

Okay, I'm writing this while I'm sitting in my literature class, don't mind my poem. 

Anyways, I have found the right treatment for nails to be way stronger. 
And it's all about 3 easy steps.

1. Lexy Cosmetics Nail Hardener

Hands down, my all time favorite hardener. And believe me, with my long-time struggle, I've tried a few hundreds of them. None of them made any difference except this one: which I now own like hundreds of, because I'm so afraid of ever needing to let go... 

You can shop it here, surely. And use THEAFEEL22 as a promo code to get your discount.

2. Oil

We learn something new every day, and that's one thing I was never aware of. Apparently, one of the MANY MANY problems that were wrong with my nails was the fact that they were dehydrated, BIG TIME. 
That was the cause of: different layers in the nail, constant breaking, nail polish wouldn't last... and the list goes on. 

I'm using the JESSICA nail oil, because I randomly found it in a gift box I had received a few month back. And I can openly say I love it as well. I'm almost done with it, and it's only been two months.

3. 20392 layers of fast finish (top coat)

Two days ago, I shared something around that subject, and someone commented 'I thought girls don't like fast finishes' and I can't believe I didn't think about that before. It was so funny. 

Anyways, don't get freaked out about the number. By 20392 layers of fast finish I mean:

My beautician is honestly a goddess. And she's behind secret #3 of this post. 
When I schedule an appointment to get my nails done, here are the steps they do:

1. Nail Polish Color on the top of the nail.
2. Fast finish on this part.
3. Nail Polish Color on the nail.
4. Fast finish on this part.
5. Nail Polish Color on the nail.
6. Fast finish on this part.

So that is pretty much it. Every layer of nail polish, gets a layer of fast finish. And, you start by a layer over only the top of the nail, to thicken it and make it harder for it to break.

Granted, this process takes time. But personally, I now do my nails once a week - it takes about an hour, and they last the whole week. I only change my nail polish in order to change colors, and not because it's suffering. 

So here we go, secrets revealed.

Do you want me to share more about the weekly treatment? How many days, which days, what to do? 
Maybe I can do a video tutorial. 
I'm just thinking out loud here, so drop me a comment and let me know!

- Tee.

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  1. Carolina Abou TariehFebruary 16, 2018 at 6:09 PM

    YES YES share with us your weekly treatment and so on. Thank you!!!

    1. YES!!! will definitely add more on the subject!
      Love this excitement! Hahahaa !


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