Mascara Revelations

5:21:00 PM

There are people obsessed with eyebrows, obsessed with lipsticks, obsessed with contouring, and then there are people obsessed with mascara.

I'm all of those people. 

Good eyelashes are a gift but a good mascara is a choice, and it takes time, patience and lots and lots of make-up remover to reach your #MascaraGoal. 
I've found my holy grail, when I was not expecting it, at all. But that does not mean that I stick to it without looking at my other options... playing the field, am I right?

So I decided to quickly share with you, my thoughts about the new Maybelline mascara - Total Temptation, as well as my favorite go-to mascara as well as my don't go-to mascara.

1. Total Temptation Mascara:

Honestly, disappointed. Specially when you know about my collection of Maybelline mascaras. That's when, I thought I found a new friend for them. However, the mascara is too light, it doesn't thicken your eyelashes. Sucks for you if you like them thick. (That's what she said) 
When they were describing it to me, they were emphasizing on the re-applying process that it follows. Basically, you can just put layers and layers of it, and for your lashes to still be well organised and separated. 

But honestly, I don't see the perks in that, specially when it doesn't thicken them to begin with. 

However, I believe it's now my go-to lower lash-line mascara. It's very good for your lower lashes, specially when you're as clumsy as me. It's very light, yet it makes your lashes definitely longer. 

2. My go-to Mascara:

The Ooh la lash! Maximeyes Mascara - also RESPECT to the name. I love it. It's by Samoa. And I can also tell you it was approved by lots of other bloggers. I had a few discussions where mascara would come up and unanimously, they all said it's really good, some even went to the extent of saying it's their favorite... like ME!

Linking you up right away - I would advise you to get it for a new era of your eyelashes.
Don't forget to use THEAFEEL22 for a discount! 

3. My don't go-to Mascara:

The Max Factor X Voluptuous False Lash Effect. It's a false lash effect alright, if the false lashes are called 'Meh'. I don't know if it's only me, but it was kinda dry when I got it, it doesn't do much. It reminds me of those old mascaras I keep to brush my eyelashes and my eyebrows after they're dried up. 

So what do you think? What's your own favorite, I might change mine, you never know! (: 

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