The Hair Care Series - 3 Steps To Make Hair Care Fun And Easy

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I never was someone that gave any attention to my hair. I believe that the sole function of hair is - FUN. 
Based on that thinking, I didn't give my hair any break. From ginger to blonde to brunette, with all sorts of shades and haircuts, I've tried pretty much all the looks in the book. 
And yet, my hair quality remained the same. (Watch me regret saying that because I always jinx myself)

However, I realized, that hair care is not only for the 'now', but the 'later'. Does that sentence make sense? I don't think it does. 

Let me explain this further.
Granted, I have a good quality of hair that I can use and over-use and abuse as much as I want. (Man, that can get kinky)
However, I gotta face the reality of it, this hair will not last with the same quality until I die

Of course, it's not the end of hair dye for me, and according to all the saves on my Pinterest boards, loads of things are still to come for my hair style. But taking care of it for the long run is the important part. (Ok, maybe this time the formulation of the sentence was better)

So, I adopted a simple hair care routine. 
I'm someone very on-the-go, so having a 25 steps, 200 products, 5 times a day routine won't work for me. 

Luckily, the specialist I talked to, was very understanding of the situation and even analyzed my own personality, so she recommended a few products, that are just the ones to make the big difference. 

The simplest way you can enjoy hair care, would be to have on-the-go products... for me, at least. So here are three little steps that I took, that would make your hair care routine WAY more fun and easy.

  • Replacing An Already-There Product

I replaced my usual shampoo, with one of more quality and more efficiency. 
So, it's not like I added a product, I just substituted one I already use.

  • Hair Sprays 
The specialist hesitated to give me a hair mask. I looked at her with a dead serious face and just said 'no'. I think she might've been a bit scared. But what she did advise me to do is, to add a styling, repairing hairspray. 
Spray and go! Easy right?

  • Dry Shampoo
It's a known fact that you should not wash your hair everyday. Ideally, everyone says, the process should go like, day 1: wash, day 2 & 3 don't.
But that's just having high hopes. I have a kind of oily hair, not really though... Okay, so I have a very, super thin hair. And my hands are ALWAYS in my hair. I'm obsessed. That is the reason, my hair might get OILY.
I personally wash my hair day 1 and 3 and 5... However, my hair does get oily on the days I don't wash it. So, dry shampoo can save you from the whole washing process.

Okay, let me clarify this: dry shampoo does not replace actual shampoo and washing your hair. Don't be gross. But, it does help in prolonging the clean time. 

Not sure my idea got through... How do you still allow me to write? I can barely formulate a clear sentence.

Anyways, I'll be sharing more of hair care with you. It's NEEDED. 
Until then, if you have any sort of question, don't hesitate to comment. 

You can contact the hair specialist on  and use THEA10 for a 10% discount for shopping there with free delivery all over LEBANON. 

- Tee

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