Things You Learn 48 Hours After Getting Bangs

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They say every woman that get bangs is either in a mid-life crisis or she's about to take charge of her life. 
Couldn't it be that she was hormonal? 

Cause that's my case. I was just getting a haircut at the hairdresser when I had this then-appealing idea of getting bangs. Blame it on the period... god knows what I'll do if I ever get pregnant.
But here are three things you'll learn during the first 48 hours with bangs. 

1. Your Skin Type - the hard way. 
I've always known to have a combination skin because I have dry cheeks and an oily T zone. But little did I know how oily my forehead gets before I got those stands of hair on it, who were like little witnesses of all the oil. YUCK

2. The Importance Of The Sense of Sight. 
I initially cut my bangs sideways, but eventually came to like them more when spread all over. So, now that I'm putting them at the front, I can not see very clearly, because they're longer than they should be. 
Um yeah, dropping by the hairdresser's again. 

3. The Miracle of Dry Shampoo. 
Imagine being like me: obsessed with your hair, pretty much changing the way they're laying every other minute. Imagine, running your hands through them, for NO reason whatsoever all day long. Imagine, just imagine.

Now imagine, you got bangs, that you are super conscious about...
Now stop imagining, because you're going to need 27 bottles of dry shampoo by just thinking about it.
I mean, you can't just rely on dry shampoo, yuck part 2, but you can't just wash your hair every other hour. 

Long story short, I got bangs. 
They need special care.

- Tee. 

Coming to you soon with my brand new products to take care of this little mess. 

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