5 Lipsticks To Survive All Life Events

12:30:00 PM

Everyone takes time to look for the perfect shade. 
I'm walking you through my top 5. 

1. Summer Red - We all need the right shade of red, but do we have to pay a fortune to find it? The answer is NO!

The NYX - Fire Lipstick from the In Your Element collection is just what you need. It's right color and the right texture. It's long-lasting, and honestly, the right amount of radiance. 

2. Dark Lips, Light Soul - probably my favorite dark lipstick, or one of them. But definitely a must-have shade. And it's a dark brown, with very vibrant undertones.

The KIKO Milano #2 Instant Colour Matte Liquid Lip Colour - Is it just me, or do you feel invincible with dark lipsticks?


3. Matte Life - And by that, I mean the whole collection of these liquids. They are honestly GREAT. 

The Ooh La Lips! collection by Samoa. My own favorite, is the #504, and surprisingly, it does have dark pink undertones. So what's cool, is that, it's the only shade close to anything pink I wear. 

4. Maybe it's Maybelline... Of course, l would advise you this lipstick, it has a creamy feel when you first put it, but it's completely matte, so it doesn't drive your lips to dryness. 

The 975 Divine Wine from Maybelline is the right dark red you need.

5. And last, but definitely not LEAST, and if anything, it's my all-time favorite lipstick, because it suits the day, the night, the casual, the chic, and all that's in-between. 

It's my favorite shade of nude lipstick, it's a dark nude, but it's the right nude. Although, I can think of another right nude ;)

Anyways, the one and only, Trendsetter by Huda Beauty. It's my third refill of this one. My first one was dried up so much, I took my bestie's one because she was traveling and could get her own. 

And then, I finished it as well and bought my third one in January. 
So here's the first thing you need to buy out of the closest Sephora. 

P.S. - The brands I shared the top lipsticks from are very reliable ones. I actually bought different shades from all the collections, because GOALS.
PS2: I don't particularly use pink shades or even very light lipsticks. So here's a loophole...

Let me know what your favorites are! ;)

- Tee

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