Healthy Happy Us #HHUGimmeFive - The Program That Made Me Get Back In Shape

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I'm not attaching any personal picture to this post because anything related to this diet was taken with a very bad lighting and horrible camera resolution, so I deny I took the picture anyways...


New year, new me, am I right? 
Well it's working so far. 

I started my diet on the 1st of January and am still lasting. Well, diet isn't really the right way to put it, but rather healthy eating...

Anyways, so I had been 'dieting' (I'm just going to use this word because it's easier than 'healthy eating' but let's agree this means that) for about a week or so, when the most inspiring challenge dropped into my email. 

Healthy Happy Us wanted me to try their 5 weeks program. 
And honestly, I was very excited. I felt like a community was behind this and that I wasn't alone. 

Here's what you can expect from signing up with HHU:

  • A weekly email that brings you all you need to know.
    And I mean it, ALL you need to know.
    Let me go into specifics. As a non-cooker and a non-groceries-shopper and non-workouter...
    I'm a totally useless person... Can you wait one sec for me to have my identity crisis?

    Anyways, this email is gorgeous, it's like an organized heaven of every question you might think of. (Which shows their experience)

    You get a MENU of 5 days worth of food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snack)
    You get a workout plan (more on that below)
    You get the recipes if any of the meals need specifics.
    You even get the grocery shopping list: aka, LIFE
  • Tips for handling this new lifestyle you're adopting.
    That's super cool honestly, they share with you, a few tips and tricks about the right mindset to follow through with your journey.
  • The workout motivation you need.
    Let's face it, when you're cozy in bed on a Wednesday night, you have your Netflix on, your favorite series playing, maybe even some popcorn, there's noway your mind will push you to leave the bed, go to the gym, and workout.
    If your mind does make you leave your bed, I'd like to know how...

    But anyways, they'll just give you motivation 24/7 about what you can be inspired by for working out. 
And that is just their part of the deal.
Now for your part, or rather my part. 

What I did, during those 5 weeks was SO easy come to think of it. 
Honestly, I'm not going to pretend I followed through with every single thing written there.
Basically, they're giving you a sort of guidelines, a sort of way to think about the food you're eating. And what's nice is that you are independent in this. It's not like they're sending you the food already made. 

It's more like: YOU need to take care of this.

I still haven't opened anything related to workouts. To me, mentally, I had to fix my eating plan before starting to work out again. And I feel like it's a real thing. 
It's about finding the right mindset. 

Being the lazy ass girl I am when it comes to gymming, I had low to no motivation to go the gym, or do any sort of work-out until week 4. Week 4 was when I started noticing big changes, whether in my energy level, my shape, my appetite... 

It's when, I hit the gym and I started working out again. 
Which is cool, each one has his own rhythm to do things... I guess. 
I'm currently working out 3 to 4 times a week. And that's, a good amount I guess.

Also, if you must know, I still haven't opened the recipes. 
I don't cook. I don't know how, and when I try, I make complete disasters out of my kitchen. 

So the way I did it was making healthy choices all the time.
When I was out, I made sure I consumed salads. Salads became my best-friends. 

And when I was home, I made sure I stayed away from fried food

I even traveled for 10 days, almost. And there was a part of one of the emails that was meant to teach you about how to be healthy on-the-go. LIFE. again.


1. How do you keep up with your diet if you're at work/at university? 

Honestly, this was one of the main challenges when I started this diet. I eat like shit when I'm outside the house. Luckily, they add the on-the-go program halfway through this program, which teaches you a lot about how to eat outside of the house. And the second secret is meal preps. Just getting your food ready beforehand and making sure you always have healthy snacks with you. 

2. How many calories are you having per day?

UGH, the dreaded question. This question literally gives me anxiety. A few years ago, I used to calorie count every single meal, every single product I used in the meal... And I became obsessed. 
So, I don't do it anymore and I actually read a lot about the negativity of calorie counting.

I'm no expert, but it really puts you in a negative mindset.

3. How are you dealing with cravings? 

What's really important to keep in mind about this program, is that you have 3 meals per day and 2 snacks on top of that. The quantity here is really good.
If, you are to have more cravings... I have a few personal ideas for you:

- Drink water
- Get busy 
- Fruits And Vegetables

4. How to sign up? 
The HHUGimmeFive program is now over, but they're always initiating programs that are similar. The easiest way to keep up is to follow their Instagram Account: @Healthy_Happy_Us and get updated at all times.

Here it goes!
If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

Until next time...

- Tee.

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