My name is Théa Mechleb, but you can call me Tee.

I feel like I've introduced myself a la Oliver Queen. 

Lebanese, born and raised, I started this blog out of pure interest in fashion back when I was in school, and in order to take a step closer to becoming a fashion designer.
But since then, my goals have shifted. As I continued growing and developing, which I still am, I transferred majors in college and am now a student in marketing. 

Luckily, I still hold a few characteristics of my younger self: daring, passionate, hard-working, and real. 
I try my best to keep this platform as a place to share my thoughts about life. I share about experience, about new things, about ideas and about opinions. 

In 2013, I started my blog: My Cup Of Tea. Two years later, I changed the name to Fashion Tea Cup because 'My Cup Of Tea' had way too many affiliations. Basic mistake, what can I say? 
I now am referred to as 'Teacup' by my friends and that is why this blog is an honest glimpse (probably more than a glimpse...) of my world. 

And remember: #GIRLPOWER. 

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